How to build your own smart factory?

In the digital era, the manufacturing industry needs to penetrate the new generation of information technology into all aspects of design, process, production and logistics, and build new intelligent factories, digital factories and intelligent workshops to help upgrade the intelligent manufacturing of traditional industries. butThe planning and construction of intelligent factory is a very complicated system engineering. How should enterprises "simplify"?

What is a "smart factory"?

The factory is an efficient production and manufacturing mode, which integrates digitalization, networking, automation, intelligent technology and manufacturing technology, coordinates the production process and optimizes the production process, and realizes the optimization and integration of product design, production, logistics, quality inspection and other links.

The foundation and core of building an intelligent factory is ERP system informatization and automatic management. Based on MES system, APS system, WMS system, PLM system, etc. are horizontally configured, and sensor technology, wireless communication, intelligent digital technology and other technologies are used.Create an intelligent factory with interconnected devices and efficient collaboration..

Enterprise resource planning system,It is the core system of enterprise informatization, managing sales, production, procurement, warehouse, quality, cost accounting, etc.


Product life cycle management system,It is responsible for the management of product design drawings, documents, design process, design changes and engineering configuration, providing the most important data source BOM for ERP system and the most important data source process route file for MES system.


Manufacturing system,It is responsible for the digital management of the production process in the workshop, realizes the deep integration of information and equipment, and provides complete, timely and accurate production execution data for ERP system, which is the foundation of intelligent factory.


Warehouse management system,It has the functions of warehousing, warehousing, warehouse allocation, etc. It receives warehousing and warehousing bills from ERP system and warehousing and warehousing instructions from MES system, and cooperates with AGV trolley to complete the automation of material distribution, thus realizing the unified warehousing information management of three-dimensional warehouse and plane warehouse.

APS/ equipment management, etc

Data collection and management,It is the blood of data intelligent factory construction, which flows among application systems. By collecting the equipment status data in real time, the capacity data of equipment can be provided for production scheduling.

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How to design and practice an intelligent factory?

In the construction of smart factories, the misunderstanding of most enterprises lies inAt the initial stage of construction, systematic planning and design were not emphasized.That is, the material flow system and information flow system were not systematically planned and designed, and the existence of the intelligent factory was discovered after it was built and operated.Isolated island of automation and isolated island of informatization, seriously affecting the overall operation efficiency and quality of intelligent factories, thus affecting the full play of the value of intelligent manufacturing in enterprises.

Enterprise intelligent factory construction can take"Overall planning and step-by-step implementation"Principle, the architecture and function design of each system and the interface design of data between systems are the key to the planning. Each system should realize the seamless integration of information and data interaction, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of "intelligent manufacturing" of enterprises.

Dingjie Software believes that,There is no unified path for intelligent factory construction, and enterprises of different industries, scales and manufacturing modes have different ways to promote intelligent factories.

There are three steps in planning a scientific intelligent factory: defining the construction/renovation goal of the intelligent factory, planning a clear realization path, and having digital ideas.

Future factory panorama

Dingjie has been deeply involved in the manufacturing industry for 40 years, and has assisted more than 1,000 customer enterprises to upgrade their workshops and plan and build new factories. Based on the "top-level design and planning of smart factories", Dingjie has spared no effort to give enterprises comprehensive support and assistance from the methodology of practice path, scheme deployment and benefit realization. It has explored some successful ways and created a series of smart factory practices in the industry.


Practice of "Other People’s Home" Smart Factory

① Smart factory, empowering manufacturing service.

Zhiqi Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly produces wheelsets, axle parts and related parts for high-speed trains, EMU trains, urban rail vehicles and other railway vehicles.

In 2009, Zhizhi cooperated with Dingjie in information projects for more than 10 years. In 2017, it started the intelligent manufacturing project. In 2018, it was selected as the "Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Dingjie Software is tailored for Zhiqi."Networking of production equipment, visualization of production data, paperless production documents, transparent production process, fewer people in the production site and intelligent production links"Intelligent manufacturing strategic planning, and the first layout in the field of intelligent manufacturing and AI artificial intelligence application, seeking the change and breakthrough of manufacturing methods, and accelerating the realization of manufacturing service through artificial intelligence and digital operation.

② Yahoo Smart Factory, to improve the application efficiency of the whole process.

Zhejiang Yahoo Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of car seat accessories, providing matching car seat accessories for brands such as FAW-Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen and Weimar.

In 2015, Yahoo began to understand contact intelligent manufacturing, and embarked on the road of intelligent transformation step by step. Yahoo Dingjie integrates ERP, BPM, PLM, MES and intelligent logistics systems, breaks through barriers between operation layer and workshop layer, gradually improves and promotes management benefits, and has won unanimous praise from enterprises, customers and government organizations, and was selected."List of Intelligent Factories in Digital Workshops in Zhejiang Province".

③ The model factory of intelligent manufacturing of the larger group, and the whole process quality traceability.

Ningbo Bigger Group, one of the top 100 bearing enterprises in China, owns a number of automatic production lines for bearings and other auto parts, with total assets of over RMB 1 billion, and its products have entered the world’s outstanding auto manufacturing companies.

Through digitalization of design, products, production equipment, manufacturing process and management, Dingjie and Alibaba Cloud help Ningbo Bigger Group.Create a "digital workshop" with an annual output of 2 million sets of precision bearings, to achieve a 25% increase in production efficiency, a 22% reduction in operating costs, and a 35% reduction in product development cycle.

What does artificial intelligence mean?

Interpretation: Artificial intelligence is a new technical science that researches and develops theories, methods, technologies and application systems for simulating, extending and expanding human intelligence.

Practical application of artificial intelligence:

Including machine vision, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, retina recognition, iris recognition, palmprint recognition, intelligent search, theorem proving, game, automatic programming, intelligent control, robotics, language and image understanding, genetic programming, etc.

Research category of artificial intelligence:

Natural processing, knowledge representation, intelligent search, reasoning, planning, machine learning, knowledge acquisition, combinatorial scheduling problems, perception problems, pattern recognition, logical programming soft computing, artificial life, neural networks, complex systems, genetic algorithms, etc.

Cases of artificial intelligence in different industries:

1. Finance: Banks use artificial intelligence systems to organize operations, make financial investments and manage property. Financial institutions have long used artificial neural network systems to detect changes or out-of-specification requirements, while banks use customer service assistance systems. Help to check accounts, issue credit cards and recover passwords, etc.

2. Hospital and medicine: Artificial intelligence system can be used in medical clinic to organize hospital bed plan; And provide medical information. Artificial neural network is used as clinical diagnosis decision support system.

3. Customer service: Artificial intelligence is a good assistant for automatic online, which can reduce the operation. It mainly uses the natural language processing system. The answering machine in the call center also uses similar technology, such as language recognition software, to make the computer customers operate better.

4. Heavy industry: Robots have been widely used in industry. They often do jobs that are dangerous to people.

Intelligent Asian Games | Ningbo Branch of China Telecom fully guarantees smooth communication of Xiangshan Yafan Center.

"Welcome to the beautiful Xiangshan Asian Sailing Center!" The Asian Sailing Center, located in Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, is the venue of Hangzhou Asian Games sailing competition and the training place of Zhejiang sailing team.

The land area of the sub-sail center venue includes 16,000 square meters of functional areas such as athletes’ center, competition control center and logistics service center. Part of the sea area has a 20,000-square-meter offshore competition operation platform. The project covers an area of 237 mu, with a sea area of 700 mu, and can accommodate 1,000 berths. Two breakwaters surround a calm inner bay for all kinds of boats to park. It is the first venue project in Zhejiang Province that meets the international A-level competition standards for water sports. At the Asian Games in Hangzhou, there will be 14 gold medals here.

For a long time, China Telecom made every effort to ensure the smooth communication of Xiangshan Yafan Center.

As the official partner of the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games, China Telecom provided services such as private communication network, public communication service and intelligent Asian Games for the Asian Games.

Ningbo is a competition area outside Hangzhou, and China Telecom will undertake the support services of the four major scenes of the Asian Sailing Sports Center (AGIS competition network, Internet WIFI network, conference video network and radio and television transmission network), so as to ensure the smooth progress of the Asian Games and realize the four "foolproof" features: ensuring network security, security, information security and business security.

At the beginning of the construction of the Asian Sailing Center, Ningbo Branch of China Telecom actively participated, took the initiative, made on-site investigation, communicated in detail about the extension of the venue bridge, the allocation of public computer rooms, the time nodes, the configuration of core equipment, etc., and timely produced and submitted the Communication Guarantee Plan for Xiangshan Asian Sailing Venue, which ensured the smooth and stable communication services of key places involved in the Asian Games, the safety and smoothness of the basic network in Hangzhou, and the rapid, effective and proper handling of all kinds of emergency events.

Smart Asian Games, network first. As early as the end of 2020, during the National Games, the Asian Sailing Sports Center has achieved full coverage of the venue’s 5G network. From September 11 to 26, 2021, the Asian Sailing Sports Center hosted the sailing final of the 14th National Games, which was also the test competition of Hangzhou Asian Games. China Telecom provided technical support of communication network in the whole process, and successfully guaranteed the sailing final of the 14th National Games to be foolproof. The National Games Support Headquarters was established, and the leader in charge personally served as the team leader, with three groups, namely, network support group, external coordination group and logistics support group. During the National Games, 16 communication support personnel were dispatched every day to provide real-time support for wireless base stations, computer rooms of Asian Games venues, etc., and 20 people were dispatched to patrol along the road 24 hours a day to deal with emergencies at any time, thus ensuring the smooth progress of sailing competitions in the National Games. After the game, the organizer sent a thank-you letter, affirming the work of China Telecom.

As the Asian Sailing Center is located in the coastal area, it is often affected by typhoon and other bad weather. In August 2022, the 11th typhoon "Xuanlannuo" (strong typhoon) struck, and China Telecom Ningbo Branch started the emergency response of flood control and typhoon resistance, made a good reserve and inspection of emergency materials, strengthened the patrol inspection of core/backbone computer rooms, made emergency repair teams fully on standby, made all preparations for flood control and typhoon resistance, and ensured the smooth network of Asian Games venues.

"Compete" with the typhoon, fighting speed over endurance. In September, Typhoon No.12 "Plum Blossom" approached Xiangshan. Affected by the typhoon periphery, there was heavy rain and windy weather in Xiangshan, and the rainfall in some areas reached heavy rain or even heavy rain. The orange warning and yellow warning of typhoon hung high. In the face of the menacing typhoon, the leaders of Ningbo Branch of China Telecom personally visited Xiangshan to guide the typhoon prevention work, and demanded that all efforts be made to ensure the communication safety of the Asian Games venues. The main leaders and leaders in charge of China Telecom Xiangshan Branch took the lead to inspect the computer rooms related to Asia, and the cloud network operation department fully mobilized before the war to inspect the communication pipelines and wireless base stations of the whole line, making every effort to ensure the smooth communication of the Asian Games venues. In this tough battle against Taiwan, the cloud network operation department of Xiangshan Branch and the cooperative units worked closely together, retrograde in the strong wind and running in the heavy rain. The anti-Taiwan personnel let the rain soak their clothes, their sweat blurred their sight, and never slackened, shouldering the mission of communication security on their shoulders, and fully guarding the network security of the Asian Games.

Practice hard strength, temper hard support soldiers. On October 24, 2022, Xiangshan Branch of China Telecom organized a communication support drill for the Asian Games of China Telecom. The leader of the branch led the team, and relevant professionals of cloud network and relevant cooperation units conducted the support drill at the Asian Sailing Center. Taking the disastrous weather as the background, the main drill subjects include emergency repair team assembly, satellite telephone dialing and testing, water plugging in the computer room, emergency repair of optical cable interruption welding, emergency oil engine power generation, emergency water pumping, and emergency repair of base station equipment. After this drill, the relevant teams have been trained in actual combat, which has improved their ability to fight against disastrous weather and ensure smooth communication. The drill was a complete success and was highly recognized by the venue.

From tradition to modernity, telecom "black technology" enlightens the new experience of Asian Games.

Turning over the historical picture of Xiangshan, fishing culture is its unique gene. Xiangshan will also tell wonderful stories from fishing boats to sailing boats, from tradition to modernity, and fully display the image of the Asian Games city of "a chart of Wanxiang Mountain, a new era fishing song".

"Holding international sports events is a historic opportunity for cities to improve their environmental appearance, urban energy level and image." Chen Weiqiang, deputy secretary-general of the Asian Games Organizing Committee and deputy mayor of Hangzhou, said.

Free View Full Landscape Games Asian Games Sponsor Club Basketball Fellowship Competition

As the official partner of Hangzhou Asian Games, China Telecom will fully combine the comprehensive network advantages and service advantages such as 5G, big data, cloud network, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, accelerate the convergence of 5G+AI, and enhance the "intelligent Asian Games" experience from all directions and angles. Based on the foundation of "one cloud and six networks" network construction, a digital operation guarantee platform is built around the construction concept of "one center and one brain". Through the analysis of AI intelligence, risk prediction, event operation and service guarantee, we can accurately grasp venue data, event data, business operation data and equipment operation data, and focus on the construction of five Asian Games: intelligent venues, intelligent services, intelligent exhibition halls, intelligent command and intelligent watching.

Free View Full Landscape Race Wenzhou Dragon Boat Race

China Telecom strongly supports the construction of smart venues for the Asian Games. In the smart game watching, the network delay is less than 100 milliseconds, the uplink bandwidth is two trillion megabytes, and the number of concurrent events in a single venue is 100,000. Nowadays, in the era of social media with video as the mainstream, China Telecom comprehensively uses dual Gigabit +4K/8K, AI+AR and other technologies to serve the acquisition, editing, review and broadcast of the integrated media, promote the comprehensive upgrade of the broadcast during the Asian Games, and create new immersive experience of watching the games, such as 4K/8K multi-camera live broadcast, panoramic live broadcast, free perspective, bullet time, etc.

Run a good meeting and promote a city. China Telecom actively builds a 5G network with good coverage, high bandwidth, low delay and wide connection, and actively practices and strives to realize "where there is 5G telecom, it is the Asian Games venue", giving people a wonderful experience of the Asian Games anywhere. In the future, China Telecom, together with Xiangshan government, will seize the opportunity to host the Asian Games, continue the main line of "small cities hosting competitions", further develop the tourism brand of "the most beautiful coastline at 30 degrees north latitude", and continuously expand the recognition and reputation of "Binhai Garden City".

Adhering to the century-old heart and inheriting the red spirit, China Telecom has always kept in mind the tenet of "serving the people", always practiced the mission of "people’s posts and telecommunications serving the people", focused on how the digital economy can serve people’s livelihood, empower entities and benefit the society, made great efforts to build digital engines, accelerated the construction of a new situation of high-quality development, and contributed to the construction of digital China.

Computing Everything, Xiangyue Future | Liu Quanzhong: The application of artificial intelligence in China has reached the world leading level.

"Advanced computing and artificial intelligence exist in every corner of our lives." On November 4th, Liu Quanzhong, vice president of China Great Wall Research Institute, said at the forum of "Frontier Trends: Advanced Computing and Artificial Intelligence" at the 2022 World Computing Congress.

"For example, when we usually take a taxi, the current predicted arrival time of navigation is basically very close to the actual arrival time. It is because the big data and artificial intelligence behind the navigation system have done a lot of calculations to get such an accurate time." Liu Quanzhong said that the application and development of artificial intelligence in many industries are very fast, such as banks, autonomous driving, factories, etc. Artificial intelligence has replaced a large number of manpower.

According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology by the end of June 2022, the scale of computing power industry in China is growing rapidly, with an average growth rate of over 30% in the past five years, ranking second in the world in computing power scale. China ICT Institute predicts that by 2023, intelligent computing power will account for more than 70% of total computing power, and become the new engine of computing power growth in the future.

Liu Quanzhong believes that at the application level, domestic artificial intelligence is far ahead in the world. However, at present, the development of independent intelligent computing power faces the challenges of insufficient computing power density of single machine and single application form of products. In addition, at present, there is still a certain gap between China’s basic chip level development and the world’s leading level. In the future, efforts should be made to make up for it.

Liu Quanzhong introduced that the future research direction of China Great Wall Research Institute is mainly based on the underlying hardware and chip technology to study the new architecture, new technology and new application direction of advanced computing in the future. At this conference, China Great Wall Research Institute will release a full range of AI computing server products of China Great Wall, which is the latest product of China Great Wall Research Institute in the AI industry, and it is also an AI server product based on domestic computing base at present, equipped with Fit CPU, domestic GPU and domestic operating system upper application software, thus creating a complete solution.

Xiaoxiang morning herald reporter Shen Xiaoyu

German drone manufacturer Quantum-Systems received $17.5 million in investment.

Quantum-Systems, a German-based drone startup, has received $17.5 million in new funds from investors, including Peter Thiel, a billionaire technology entrepreneur who is the co-founder of PayPal and the first external investor of Facebook.

Before this news came, this drone manufacturer raised $32 million in its Series A financing through mixed financing of equity and debt. Thiel, together with German companies Project A Ventures and Sanno Capital, participated in a new round of investment aimed at accelerating the research and development of quantum systems in artificial intelligence, autonomy, edge computing and robotics. As Thiel said, the future of UAV lies in the intelligent combination of software and hardware. With this knowledge, Quantum Systems Company is ahead of the competition.

Seibel said, "Florian Seibel, CEO of Quantum Systems, also believes that a large investment in software will make his company by going up one flight of stairs. This includes artificial intelligence, which will improve our ability to provide situational awareness for operators; Edge computing, which is beneficial to the real-time data processing on our UAV system; And a new element of our task planning software, which allows operators to coordinate complex operations by clicking buttons. "

At the same time, this drone company, founded in 2015, will also take advantage of new capital injection to more actively carry out sales activities throughout Europe. More specifically, it will target its electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) system in industries such as national defense, agriculture, mining, construction and energy. Other use cases of quantum drones include search and rescue operations after natural disasters, automatic railway inspection after bad weather, and aerial data collection and analysis of large-scale construction operations.

Uwe Horstmann, general partner of Project A, added: "American and Israeli companies have dominated the drone market in history. We are glad to see Quantum-Systems stand up and provide a local European solution without sacrificing technical quality. "

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Beida Jade Bird Aerospace Bridge Campus Sharing: Digital skilled talents are just needed for the times. Can you seize the opportunity?

In recent years, with the acceleration of digitalization and the in-depth application of new technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, the demand for programmers in many industries is increasing. Words such as high salary, good employment, and popular track all give this position a lot of aura and attract a large number of young people.

What are the advantages of digital skilled talents?

First of all, under the background of digital economy era, the role of digital economy in China’s economic development is becoming more and more important. Looking at the development trend of the overall social economy, the digital economy will become the most important support for the future development of our society. In the past few years, the main growth has come from the digital economy. In the future, the main driving force of the economy will also come from the digital economy.

Secondly, the digital society has a great demand for digital talents, and the digital economy has become a dense place for new formats, new occupations and new jobs. The digital economy is changing the traditional occupational structure, and some traditional jobs will disappear; While other jobs will face transformation. For example, big data engineers and meta-universe digital entity engineers, all of which are professionals under the background of digital economy. As an important branch of the digital economy, in the booming e-sports innovation, it is urgent to cultivate compound talents who not only understand e-sports but also master solid digital skills.

In this sense, the support of talents for the digital economy becomes very important.

Hot industries have a strong demand for technical talents.

With the development of information technology revolution, Internet applications have covered many fields such as communication, search, news, office, business transactions, online entertainment, etc. Digital technology has penetrated into social and economic life in an all-round way, bringing us great convenience.

With the blessing of new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, etc., in the retail field, the digital and intelligent transformation is further accelerated, the online e-commerce is becoming more developed and online consumption is more common. People can realize more and more demands through the Internet, and intelligent products are constantly changing our lives … and these industries are emerging with a trillion-dollar market scale, and the demand for programmers is even more hungry. In the future, they will all become digital technical talents.

The data of pulse talent think tank also shows that in the artificial intelligence industry, skilled talents in speech recognition, natural language processing, deep learning and computer vision are in short supply.

In recent years, the accelerated innovation of new generation information technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, 5G, etc. has promoted the wave of change with digital economy as the development trend. Digital economy has become the main economic form of modern society after agricultural economy and industrial economy.

It has become a new trend for young people to transform their digital careers, and digital skills have opened a channel for the majority of young people to become successful.

So, how do you choose a professional school to empower yourself to successfully join the digital professional track?

Learn digital skills and choose the education of Beida Jade Bird Jinling Garden.

The education of Beida Jade Bird Jinling Park has been deeply cultivated in IT industry for more than 20 years. After years of exploration and development, it has close contact and cooperation with many domestic big factories and enterprises.


Practical project training

All along, Beida Jade Bird Jinling Garden education has adhered to the principle of "taking market demand as the guide, taking job requirements as the standard and ideal employment as the goal". Integrate the current popular technology into the teaching content, and through high-intensity targeted training, ensure that students’ technical ability is competent for the post.Practical training programs,Let students tighten their nerves and keep learning and completing tasks at all times. From theory to practice, to build students’ "hard power" in an all-round way, it is necessary to learn both theory and skills well. The teaching content meets the needs of enterprises for talents’ knowledge, ability and quality. Teachers’ team should be composed of teachers of our school and enterprise engineers, and adopt project-based teaching. The teaching project comes from the actual cases of enterprises, and runs through the whole process of course teaching in a project-driven and process-oriented mode, so that students can receive edification in the project environment, stimulate their learning interest, enhance their engineering awareness and improve their practical quality and ability. Build students’ "hard power" through the practice of professional actual combat projects.


Unique curriculum system

With rich educational experience, it has formed a mature and unique teaching curriculum system. And this system is updated and upgraded every year. The curriculum has always been based on the standards of standard industries, first-class enterprises and jobs, accurately analyzed the talent ability model, and implemented the teaching objectives and requirements in the training of students, project training and technical assessment, so as to ensure that students have the hard power of high-paying employment.

The education of Jade Bird Golden Collar Park in Peking University has made countless students’ IT dreams come true, and it has also made many students walk into the city from the countryside to realize the gorgeous counterattack of their lives. They not only learned technology, broadened their horizons, but also broke free from the originally poor family conditions, changed the fate of themselves, their families and the next generation, and lived a happy well-off life.

A group of skilled masters have come to the fore here, and achieved the highlight of their youth. Let the family and hometown see the wonderful life in which skills change their destiny.

Skills change life, skills make dreams come true. Standing at the crossroads of the times, Beida Jade Bird Golden Collar Park Education provides convenience for more students to learn new technologies and skills, helps them to learn something, make full use of their talents in the future career path, and become the elite and pillar of the Internet community.

Three CBA news: Du Feng’s lover was reimbursed, Jiang Weize dismissed the dispute, and the Basketball Association responded to the referee’s scale.

The CBA is currently in progress, with Guangdong team Jilin team and other teams playing the peak matchup and achieving different results. This time, in the fierce battle of the major teams, many controversial things happened. Next, I will share it with my fans.

First of all, I would like to share with you the reimbursement of Du Feng disciples. At present, Guangdong team has made a strong comeback, defeating Nanjing Tongxi in the latest competition and making a good start for this season. But at the same time, on the other hand, players who have no chance to play for the time being have recently received very bad news.

According to the list of injuries published by CBA recently, it can be seen that Liu Quanbiao, who is loved by Du Feng of Guangdong team, has been officially confirmed to be ill, and finally needs to rest for 28 weeks.

It’s almost seven months after 28 weeks in a month. It’s estimated that this game has been played for seven months. So what is certain is that if CBA officially announces such an off-season, Liu Quanbiao can basically be reimbursed next season, which is undoubtedly a big loss for the strikers in Guangdong.

Previously, last season, Liu Quanbiao rested for nearly half a year because of such problems. Originally, I thought he had fully recovered, but unexpectedly, when he needed someone most, such an injury accident would happen again. For Liu Quanbiao, there are still many tests waiting for him. I hope Guangdong can make preparations and find a more suitable substitute in the future.

The second message is to share the truth about Jiang Weize’s dismissal. In the recent competition between Jilin and Guangsha, Jiang Weize was sentenced to diving for falling, and was finally expelled directly. But actually, looking back at the whole process, we can find that when Sun Minghui attacks with the ball, Jiang Weize just defends normally. Later, it was Sun Minghui’s rude opposition that made Jiang Weize lose his balance and finally fell to the ground. It doesn’t mean to fall.

So for Jiang Weize, it’s really unfair to be expelled this time, but the referee’s penalty this time is a bit excessive. For the whole league, how are such punishment rules determined?

It should indeed be considered in the follow-up. Even if we want to increase the so-called intensity of confrontation, should there be a clear regulation on the nature of comparative injury? Intentional injury or normal confrontation? This must be made clear, otherwise there may be endless troubles in the follow-up, and more players will be injured.

The third news sharing, Basketball Association responded to recent referee disputes and penalties. Just now, there was a diving dispute in the recent competition between Guangsha and Jilin. On the other hand, in another match of Liaoning team, Guangsha also hurt Guo Ailun and others. It caused a lot of controversy. In response to these penalties, the definition of the whole league has been closely watched.

Just recently, the Basketball Association responded to this question. They believe that the current referee standard of CBA in the new season has been completely consistent with FIBA. The Basketball Association believes that through previous international competitions of women’s basketball and men’s basketball, everyone will realize that the penalty scale of domestic competitions is still different from that of international competitions, so this time, comprehensive reform and adjustment should be carried out.

It’s just that the CBA has just started to reform this time. These referees haven’t grasped the scale yet, and if they are not careful, they will make controversial judgments. In the follow-up, it is still necessary to make more careful judgments and punishments. Doing a good job can ensure that all players can enjoy the game in a relatively fair and just game.

How is the video broadcast by digital people made? Where did the numbers come from?

How was the video broadcast by digital people made? Let’s take a look at the following screenshot first:

Image from:

Some so-called digital people broadcast videos, that is, there is a digital person (virtual person) in the video. This digital person broadcasts a paragraph of text, such as product introduction or real-time news report, to the audience. As far as the current short video market is concerned, this kind of video is very attractive. In all traditional videos, it can immediately catch the audience’s eye and achieve the purpose of communication, which even leads countless people to ask the question: How is the video made?

Digital broadcast video is produced by some ai animation creation tools, such as DreamWorks Auto-Painting, which is used by many people, including some enterprises. So will it be difficult to make such a video? No, because Chuangmengyi Animation is an ai digital animation creation platform. Digital people have been prepared for users, with more than 60 numbers and more than 30 kinds of intelligent dubbing. Users only need to prepare the copy to be broadcast in advance, and then they can choose a digital person to broadcast.

Chuangyi Automatic Painting was launched as early as 2006. It provides users with a very simple animation production system through artificial intelligence. After registering an account, users can log in and use the functions of the system online to make animation videos broadcast by digital people in a very short time. In order to make the video quality higher and the content more interesting, the platform also provides massive materials, such as video static background, dynamic background, button-free decorative materials, special effects timbre, music, fonts, etc., which users can use at will after registering. It is also a template with different styles, which can help users foolishly make videos broadcast by digital people.

Do you know how the video broadcast by digital people is made now? It will be very difficult to make videos with digital people by using non-ai digital people animation tools, and the software used is beyond the competence of ordinary people. If you use an ai digital animation creation platform like DreamWorks, it will be much easier to make broadcast videos with digital people!

Qiteng Encyclopedia | How does Qiteng robot realize fast "on duty" from meter identification?

Lead: Qiteng Encyclopedia, deconstruct the functions of Qiteng robot products, go deep into the application of industry scenes, and empower the safe production of petrochemical industry.

With the gradual integration of artificial intelligence and traditional industries, Internet of Things, cloud computing and 5G technologies have brought considerable economic and social benefits to enterprises, and promoted the restructuring and upgrading of industrial sources. The adjustment of industrial structure in China has ushered in the rapid development of inspection robots. At the same time, the acceleration of industrial automation process under the epidemic situation has boosted the process of "robot substitution" under the declining labor force and the rising employment cost, and at the same time helped enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

In the face of the practical problems such as large potential safety hazard, high labor cost and low efficiency existing in traditional modes such as petrochemical industry, and the continuous promotion of favorable policies of the state, all of them show that the traditional resource allocation and production organization mode are constantly evolving to intelligent manufacturing mode. Taking one of the most common repetitive work meter identification in petrochemical industry as an example, Qiteng robot can replace manual work quickly, which is not only the general trend, but also the strength.

high efficiency

Traditional manual patrol inspection is repetitive, labor intensive, low in work efficiency, scattered in inspection quality, single in means, cumbersome in data archiving and application, and it takes at least one day for each manual comprehensive patrol inspection and entry. The Qiteng robot reads all kinds of instrument data through AI vision technology, and the average identification time of one instrument is 20 seconds, which greatly improves the efficiency of field recording.

High accuracy

On the one hand, in the process of patrol inspection, the manual patrol inspection is not fixed due to the inspection personnel, inspection angle, inspection time, etc., and the data objectivity is different. The meter reading results will also be affected by the distance, meter position, transcription angle, meter reading error, etc. On the other hand, after the meter reading is completed, the manually detected data can’t access the management information system accurately and timely.

Qiteng Robot is equipped with all kinds of intelligent sensing devices, which can collect and intelligently analyze on-site environmental data in real time, identify meters accurately, and realize functions such as automatic diagnosis of equipment defects, intelligent operation and maintenance of environmental facilities, production safety protection, hidden trouble investigation, etc. The recognition accuracy rate is as high as 99.5% under normal shooting conditions. At the same time, the real-time operation data of the robot can be integrated into the supervision platform, and the on-duty personnel can know the running state of the site in time through the data window, and can also directly command and operate the robot.

High adaptability

In plateau, anoxia, extreme cold and other geographical conditions or bad weather conditions, there is a big safety risk in manual inspection, and there is a lack of effective inspection means. Such as strong winds, clouds, ice and snow, hail, thunderstorms and other bad weather, it is impossible to conduct inspection in time. All parts and components of Qiteng Robot are made of industrial products with wide temperature range. The temperature range of working environment can reach-30℃ ~+60℃, and the relative humidity range of working and storage environment can reach 5% ~ 95%. It can work normally in harsh environment and complete inspection tasks.

The "on-duty" of Qiteng robot in high-risk places has brought many conveniences to enterprises, and the image recognition function has replaced the manual meter reading and inputting function. Through image modeling recognition technology and machine deep learning algorithm, the robot can accurately recognize the status of field pointer meters, digital meters, column meters, magnetic flap level meters, oil level meters, switches, valves, indicator lights and other equipment, and record the operation safety of the equipment in an all-round way. The recognition distance can reach 0 ~ 50m. When the collected The robot can replace "human", "human brain" and "human eyes" to inspect, monitor and diagnose the abnormality of the factory, and independently analyze and warn the data, thus realizing the real unmanned inspection.

What other functions do you want to know about Qiteng Robot? Welcome to pay attention to us, and we will bring you more application scenarios and professional solutions in the follow-up.

Nanwei Software: Actively assisting the construction and operation of the integrated government big data system

China Securities Network News (Reporter Qi Jinzhao) Recently, the Guide to the Construction of National Integrated Government Big Data System was issued, drawing "engineering drawings" and "task list" for the construction of China’s government big data system. Nanwei Software said that the introduction of this guide will bring about great changes in the field of government big data, and the data range will be expanded from government departments to all fields such as public services and society. At the same time, the huge market space of government integration infrastructure construction, business system construction, data governance, data platform, middleware and data application scenarios will be released.

Nanwei Software introduced that the company has been deeply involved in the field of digital government affairs for 20 years, and has been committed to the innovation and research and development of core products in the field of government big data. At present, it has an all-technology stack and all-independent big data product system-Sky Big Data Platform. Sky Big Data Product System includes Haitong Distributed Data Stream Integration and Development Platform, Fengchi Data Computing Platform, Vientiane Data Management, Lingyun Intelligent Search, Haoyue Data Assets, Xingluo Artificial Intelligence, Star Digital Cloud Map, Star Map Video Middle Platform and other big data core products, and builds Chengtian Data Middle Platform integrating lake and warehouse from multiple dimensions such as managing resources, finding assets, searching data and using models, which is the big data capability base of integrated government big data platform.

It is reported that Nanwei Software’s Big Data products have won the "Xinghe Case" industry big data application excellent case sponsored by China Information Research Institute for many years since 2019, and won the "Excellent Technology, Products and Solutions of Deep Application Scenarios of Digital Economy in Fujian Province in 2020", "2020 Provincial Technological Innovation Major Project", "2020 Digital China Innovation Competition Kunpeng Computing Track Big Data Group Excellent Product Award" and the second prize in Guiyang City.

According to Nanwei Software, Sky Big Data products cover the whole life cycle of data aggregation, governance, processing, calculation, sharing and opening, search, operation, etc., and are widely used in many fields, such as government service, government supervision, public security, housing construction, enterprise service, etc., and have accumulated rich practical experience. The construction cases cover more than 20 provinces and over 200 cities in Fujian, Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Guizhou. It has created benchmark cases of government big data platforms in Henan Province, such as smart development and reform, smart housing construction platform in Henan Province, Fujian Public Security Cloud, Fuzhou Public Security Cloud Platform, Zhengzhou City Brain Data Middle Platform, "Xingtai on the Cloud" Data Middle Platform, Guiyang Municipal Government Data Open Platform in Guizhou Province, Shenzhen Municipal Government Data Open Platform in Guangdong Province, Fuzhou Municipal Government Data Open Platform, etc. At the same time, based on the precipitation and tempering of actual project cases in many provinces across the country, Nanwei Software has a group of professional data engineers with knowledge of government affairs, public security, development and reform, housing construction and other industries, covering data analysis, data development, data governance and other fields, and has established a relatively mature management system for the implementation and delivery of government big data products, creating a new production mode of "product capability+industry knowledge+professional team".

Nanwei Software said that the company will actively respond to the requirements and objectives of the Guide to the Construction of National Integrated Government Big Data System, continuously increase the research and application innovation of the underlying technology of government big data, and better serve the construction and operation of the national integrated government big data system.